Virtualization News Roundup 2012/05/20

Manatee Spotlight May 20, 2012
The Bradenton Times
Citrix Systems Inc., the leading provider of virtualization, networking and cloud computing technologies, announced that Bayshore Technologies Inc had been chosen as Citrix's SE US Partner of the Year. The award recognizes Bayshore's technical ...
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Oracle Cloud Recipe Revealed with the Oracle Cloud Cookbook
Before Citrix, Roddy established a consulting group offering virtualization and Enterprise application delivery solutions. With Mr. Rodstein's rich background and knowledge, there can be no better resource for revealing the Oracle Cloud recipe.
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CRN's 2012 Virtualization 100: Part 2

By Joseph F. Kovar, CRN Trying to come up with a list of 100 vendors who represent the changes happening in the
 virtualization industry is a tough task. The biggest problem is defining whatvirtualization is in an industry where it appears that almost ...
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The network benefits of WAN Virtualization
Network World
Having covered in recent columns what WAN
 Virtualization is and how it relates to WAN Optimization, let's look at the benefits to the network that WAN Virtualization delivers for the WAN manager, which are substantial. [In an upcoming post, ...
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Device Virtualization: What IT Should Know
Midsize Insider
Now, device
 virtualization is taking on several important forms that midsize business IT needs to know about in order to stay on top. VMware has long been the king of virtualization, and according to CTO Javier Soltero, quoted in a PC Advisor article, ...
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New Release of Oracle VM Now Available
MarketWatch (press release)
-- Today, Oracle announced the availability of Oracle VM Server for x86 Release 3.1, the latest release of Oracle's server
 virtualization solution designed to support rapid application deployment and simplify data center management from applications to ...
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New Version of Oracle VM Server for x86 Improves Storage Availability
Server Watch
By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email) Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) has announced the latest release of its free server
 virtualization and management solution -- Oracle VM Server for x86, Release 3.1. The new version is designed to support rapid application ...
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Virtualized for Agility
 virtualization is a transformative technology offering a myriad of benefits to companies of all sizes. By consolidating hardware and placing multiple virtual machines on a single server, organizations can decrease both capital and operational ...
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FedSolutions Earns Gold Competency for Virtualization in the Microsoft Partner ...
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
FedSolutions, the IT Management and Consulting firm, is proud to announce that they have achieved the Microsoft Gold status in the competency for
 Virtualization as part of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN). FedSolutions, the IT Management and ...
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VMware: vSphere Cheaper To Run Than Microsoft Hyper-V
By Kevin McLaughlin, CRN VMware is bringing new data to bear to counteract what it describes as Microsoft's "wildly exaggerated claims" about server
 virtualization costs. VMware this week cited recent test results from research firm Principled ...
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SMBs Launch into Cloud Computing and Virtualization
As SMBs consider their future business and technology plans,
 virtualization is bound to be part of the conversation. Given their value and importance to SMBs, it is critical that companies select the best-suited partners to help guide their ...
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Top Ten BYOD and Virtualization Market Insights | Virtualization ...
3rd International Virtualization Conference & Expo Call For Papers and Sponsorship Opportunities Now Open! June 23-24, 2008 New York City.
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Virtualization News Roundup 2012/05/19

NVIDIA VGX Virtualized GPU Introduced
Benchmark Reviews
NVIDIA today unveiled the NVIDIA VGX platform, which enables IT departments to deliver avirtualized
 desktop with the graphics and GPU computing performance of a PC or workstation to employees using any connected device. With the NVIDIA VGX platform in ...
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Forrester: Virtualization Expands As An Option For Mission Critical Applications
 Virtualization has matured from its beginnings. Increasing complexity and pressure from improved resource utilization has pressured IT organizations to improve the operations cost of mission-critical applications. Virtualization is one of the ...
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Nvidia Virtualized GPU Comes with Multiuser Support
Virtualization Review
By Kurt Mackie Nvidia claims to have the "first"
 virtualized graphics processing unit for virtual desktop infrastructure deployments in a datacenter. Nvidia's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang ( video ), speaking at the company's GPU Technology Conference in San Jose ...
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Virtualizing Tier 1 Applications: A Critical Step on the Journey Toward the ...
Overview: This IDC white paper explains how much of the Enterprise IT community is at a crossroads in extending their journey to the private cloud: Companies must
 virtualize their business critical applications in order to reap the benefits of cloud ...
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Virtualized Data Centers May Be the Next Big Move
Midsize Insider
Server and desktop
 virtualization have taken a firm hold in data centers around the world, but information from this year's Interop shows just how much interest there is out there to virtualize the rest of the data center.
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Public cloud execs dish out Top 10 tips for enterprises building hybrid clouds
ZDNet (blog)
 is the underlying platform for cloud computing but it is only one aspect of cloud computing. Engates said the fundamental difference between virtualization and cloud computing is the degree to which you're applying automation and self ...
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HP Virtualization Smart Bundles with VMware: Simple, Cost-effective ...
 can assist you reduce costs and simplify IT management. However, getting started can be challenging. HP Virtualization Smart Bundle can help. HP Virtualization Smart Bundles include everything you need to get started with ...
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Virtualization News Roundup 2012/05/17

NVIDIA Introduces World's First Virtualized GPU, Accelerating Graphics for ...
MarketWatch (press release)
"NVIDIA VGX represents a new era in desktop
 virtualization," said Jeff Brown, general manager of the Professional Solutions Group at NVIDIA. "It delivers an experience nearly indistinguishable from a full desktop while substantially lowering the cost ...
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Nvidia Introduces Virtualization Platform
SAN JOSE, Calif., May 15 -- NVIDIA today unveiled the NVIDIA VGX platform, which enables IT departments to deliver a
 virtualized desktop with the graphics and GPU computing performance of a PC or workstation to employees using any connected device.
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Virtualized GPUs to boost desktop virtualization, games
ZDNet Asia
By Liau Yun Qing , ZDNet Asia on May 16, 2012 (11 hours ago) Nvidia's Kepler-based graphics chips will expand existing desktop
 virtualization capabilities so more mobile workers can benefit, while cloud-based games can now be delivered to devices ...
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Nvidia unveils virtualized GPU with eye on graphics-intensive cloud
By Ted Samson | InfoWorld With an eye on the evolving BYOD and VDI markets, Nvidia today unveiled the Nvidia VGX platform, designed to
 virtualize server-side GPUs to deliver graphics-intensive applications and multimedia content to any device.
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NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announces cloud-based, virtualized Kepler GPU technology
To make it happen, the company has created a
 virtualized Kepler GPU tech, called VGX, so that no physical connections are needed to render and stream graphics to remote locations. So, as Citrix brought CPU virtualization to put your work desktop on the ...
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Nvidia's GPUs in the cloud will shake up virtualization, gaming industries
 virtualization capabilities of Kepler make it ideal for use in large datacenters, and allows it to be shared by multiple users at the same time. Lag is reduced by built-in streaming capabilities, and Nvidia claims power efficiency and processing ...
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NVIDIA brings the Avengers in to show off Kepler virtualization power
This power of
 virtualization is made possible with NVIDIA's Kepler architecture and is made real with technology that is live today. Check out the rest of our NVIDIA coverage from this week through the timeline below and let us know what you're looking ...
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AusCERT 2012: Virtualization security needs improvements
Australian Techworld
 virtualization security protection and network training are needed if Australian enterprises are to avoid potential attacks via the virtual machine (VM) layer in the future, delegates at the AusCERT 2012 conference on the Gold Coast have heard ...
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Service virtualization arises to meet services testing obstacles
 virtualization underlies an emerging class of tools for modeling SOA components. Using a new form of simulation, development teams can now work with representations of software services long before they are actually available.
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Cloud Services and Virtualization Boost SMB Survival
A Symantec survey reveals that as cloud computing, small business virtualization and mobility gain traction, SMBs emerge with stronger disaster-recovery ...

Virtualization News Roundup 2012/05/12

Virtualization Technology: Citrix Synergy 2012: 10 New Initiatives in Cloud ...
By Chris Preimesberger on 2012-05-11
 Virtualization software maker Citrix has come a long way in the last five years or so, from fundamentally a virtual desktop vendor into a full-service cloud infrastructure provider.
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Oracle Updates Device Virtualization, Adds Storage Options
Oracle, battling for market share with competitors Citrix, VMware and Hewlett-Packard in an increasingly busy sector of IT, spiffed up its desktop
 virtualization offerings May 10 with several service enhancements and new storage-related options.
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Dell Taps Unidesk To Deliver Virtualized Desktops
Dell announces second start-up partnership in the desktop
 virtualization market in less than a week. Here's a look at Unidesk's secret sauce. By Charles Babcock InformationWeek Dell opened a second front in its push to become a desktop virtualization ...
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Virtualization, Managed Services Top Kaspersky Partner Agenda
By Ken Presti, CRN With roughly 175 security partners gathered this weekend in the Bahamas, the Kaspersky North America Partner Conference kicked off Friday with details about
 virtualization and managed services strategies. "This is a great opportunity ...
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Is a unified datacenter virtualization model practical?
ZDNet (blog)
But while we talk about and implement different
 virtualization technologies on a regular basis, it's important to note that the underlying hardware technologies, though they get much less high profile attention, change fairly rapidly.
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Citrix improves desktop virtualization to lower costs, accelerate ...
New releases of Citrix desktop
 virtualization products and new game-changing Citrix HDX Ready SoC-based endpoint devices from key partners are helping to ease the transition to virtual desktops, drive down the acquisition costs and provide expanded ...
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Oracle Upgrades Virtual Desktop Options
Oracle, like Citrix Systems, VMware, and Dell recently, believes the time is ripe to show improved, multi-device capabilities in the end user
 virtualization market. In many cases, it's not just a desktop being virtualized and maintained on central ...
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WAN Virtualization is the next-generation complement to WAN Optimization
Network World
While we'll get into the details through the course of this column, let me start with the punch line: WAN
 Virtualization is the next-generation complement to WAN Optimization that Zeus is looking for, especially in conjunction with colocation as part ...
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Research and Markets: Global Virtualization Security Management Solutions ...
SYS-CON Media (press release)
By Business Wire TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global
 Virtualization Security Management Solutions market to grow at a CAGR of 49.53 percent over the period 2011-2015. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the increasing ...
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