Benefits and use of virtualization

Benefits and use of virtualization

A recent article Published by Rick Freedman (CEO of Consulting Strategies, Inc.,) on virtualization discusses the benefits and use of virtualization as an enabler of Green IT, challenges of virtualization and also factors to consider when implementing virtualization.

Citing a survey of CIOs he lists the following benefits of virtualization:
  • Cost savings (hardware acquisition, & facilities),
  • Greener IT profile for corporate responsibility,
  • Maintenance simplification,
  • New and improved disaster recovery plans and
  • Ease & speed to provide new systems and applications.

The CIOs surveyed also listed some challenges faced by organization implementing virtualization, namely:
  • Political and organizational challenges,
  • Technical and Integration difficulties, which all impact negatively on the success of virtualization.
However, Freedman proposes an interesting road map which any organization embarking on virtualization should follow. He argues that following such guidelines will enable organizations to reap the benefits of virtualization while avoiding some common pitfalls.

To see the guidelines proposed by Freedman, read the full article here:

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