Virtualization Examples

Container virtualization or Operating System Virtualization
You can use container virtualization to offer different operating systems to different users, using a single physical machine.

This is the ideal type of virtualization for web hosting companies.
They can host several different websites on the same physical machine, with each website having its own "container". To each website, they are in total control of the machine, but in reality they are sharing it with other websites.

Examples of companies offering operating system virtualization:
  • SWSoft - virttuzzo
  • Open source operating system project OpenVZ
  • Sun - Solaris Operating System.

Harware Emulation
The emulated hardware environment is called a virtual machine monitor.
The virtualization software (hypervisor) "fools" the guest operating system,
into thinking it has a real hardware environment on which to operate,
by presenting it the virtual environment known as virtual machine monitor (VMM).

Where to get hardware emulation virtualization (hypervisor software):
  • VMware - VMware Server & ESX Server
  • Microsoft - VMware (Supports X86 servers only), Hyper-V,
  • Xen - Open source alternative

Paravitualization Implementation
With a paravirtualization implementation, the virtualization software sits between the guest operating system and the
resources of the physical machine.
The virtualization software controls access to the resources of the physical machine.

  • Xen from XenSource (found in Red Hat and Novell distributions).
  • Virtual iron also from Xensource.

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