Difference between vmware desktop and vmware player

The difference between vmware desktop and vmware player is that the word vmware desktop does not refer to any piece of software in particular, but rather to several applications from VMware which can be used on the desktop including: VMware View, VMware ThinApp, VMware ACE, Vmware workstation, VMware Fusion, VMware player, etc.

On the contrary vmware player is a desktop virtualization software which allows you to run virtual machines. The Virtual machines you can run with vmware player include: VMware Fusion,VMware workstation, Vmware Server, VMware ESX, Microsoft virtual server, virtual machines and Microsoft virtual PC machines .

Benefits of VMware Player:
  • It is free. You can download a free copy from here Download VMware
  • You can run multiple operating systems at the same time on one personal computer
  • When installed, you can easily use it to evaluate virtual appliances on the VMware Virtual Appliances market place.

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