Benefits of Virtualization

Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Green IT, have all been touted as the next big thing in the world of computing. All for the right reasons, because there are several advantages to be had by implementing virtualization.
This article will discuss the several advantages of virtualization.

Cost Savings – this is one of the major benefits which often cited as a reason for implementing virtualization.
Firstly when you virtualize, you can cut down on computing equipment like the number of servers you employ. The net effect is a drastic reduction in the amount of energy your company uses. This represents a huge cost savings.
Secondly, by reducing the amount of computing equipment, you are eliminating the need for more space for such equipment. Real estate costs can be a significant part of your costs. Therefore when you do not need more space for equipment, you are saving money. Cost savings of between 50 – 70% have been quoted as typical when virtualization is implemented.
Thirdly if you run your IT in-house, you will need to employ people to administer your systems. After virtualization, the number of systems is greatly reduced and therefore your cost of system administration will be significantly cut down.

Simplification of IT – when you virtualize, you simplify your computing, by having for example various applications running on a single server.

Reduce or eliminate need for several upgrades – when you run multiple applications each on their own server, there is the need for you to always upgrade these systems each time there is a new patch for your systems. With virtualization there is no need for you upgrading (if your systems are outsourced) or you will have fewer systems to upgrade.

Improve efficiency and availability of resources - When you virtualize, your computing efficiency is dramatically improved. You use much less energy as a consequence. One clear advantage of virtualization is the reduction of energy consumption. When you use less energy, the amount green gas emitted into the atmosphere is reduced. Virtualization is therefore rightly seen as one tool in the fight against global warming.

Your business is likely to recover more quickly from a disaster (if you were hit by one) when you have virtualized than when you run all your systems in-house.

Strategic advantage – many people nowadays are becoming environmentally aware. As a result more and customers and potential customers are now looking at the green credentials of companies they do business with. If you can present your company as an environmentally friendly company, taking the right actions to protect the environment, this is a plus and can be an advantage to you over your competitors.

To sum up - virtualization will enable better system and hardware usage; it will curb data centre sprawl, reduce your IT administration cost, by reducing the number of physical machines you have to manage, contribute towards the fight against global warming by reducing the amount of energy you use, and give you a strategic advantage over your competitors.

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